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  • FORTNITEを映画館チャレンジに潜入!キャンディやXbox Oneなどが当たる!

FORTNITEを映画館チャレンジに潜入!キャンディやXbox Oneなどが当たる!

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Papa Jake


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Im Papa Jake & I post new family friendly videos every day! I make Funny Challenge Videos, Boxfort Challenge Videos, Nerf videos, 24 hour survival videos, rap music videos and more. My Vlogs include a lot of DIY creations for making forts that include toys and gaming. My Funny videos include lots of awesome characters and include challenges that make them fun kids videos for the whole family. My videos are always for kids and have no swears so we can go on adventures for all ages. Funny videos is what Papa Jake is here to make, so if you like my videos, challenge videos, or any other viral Vlog style videos make sure to subscribe!

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