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  • J-POPボーイズバンド「嵐」がTikTokダンスに挑戦|TikTokチャレンジ|コスモポリタン


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Hi, we’re Cosmopolitan! We’re obsessed with celebrities, stan culture, Netflix, kpop and junk food. Welcome, we publish new videos every week! Our favorite thing is making celebrities try to win contests and sing in their bathtubs but we also like makeup, trying on clothes and hearing from our subscribers. Subscribe to Cosmo and click the bell to hear from us - you’ll like it, we swear.

We have classics like The Braid Up and Cosmo Queens but also NEW shows like Tiktok Challenge Challenge, Expensive Taste Test, Stir Crazy, Fine Art, Singing in the Shower, Through My Queue and all of the other wild stuff we try.

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